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"My goal is to make every single one of your pictures look  like magazine cover pictures" 


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Hello, I'm Angelo Rodriguez, Professional Photographer originally from Bogota, Colombia. I've always been influenced and inspired by arts, especially photography. That's what brought me to the US back in the year 2000, looking to increase my knowledge and vision, moving between Florida, New York, Pennsylvania state (where I studied photography) and finally to California.


My first experience as a photographer had place in Pennsylvania but, later, I moved to Fort Lauderdale (Florida), since friends from the fashion and advertising world would claim my services. In 2010, I thought of giving my life a nice turn and decided to move to Hollywood, CA, city of film and fashion.




Professional Photographer, based in Granada, Spain, 

who specializes in architecture & interiors. 


This city motivates me fully, studying in more detail the backgrounds & photography techniques used in elite photography, using such beautiful surroundings that the state of California has to offer.

My adventurous spirit , and attracted by new experiences , I decide to take a trip to Europe, settling in Granada, Spain, where I have been able to take adventage of the studies and experience acquired throughout my career as a professional photographer.

I currently offer professional photography  for architects, engineers, interior designers, real estate & Properties for tourist rental.





Angelo Rodriguez Photography
Gran Via 45, 1A
Granada, Spain

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